Product Options Below Add To Cart

We've been using a custom product template to move the Add to Cart button above the product options. It now has some problems after upgrading from V4.9.3 to the current version. The template is old and I am trying to modify the new current default template but am running into some issues.

My problem is that I can't get the full width view of the product options without breaking the functionality. I lose the selected product options when the item is added to the cart if I add a

to make the product options view in full width. So now I have and updated template that works but without full width.

I am stumped on how to fix this issue. Any help is appreciated. I have attached a picture of the problem and the new working template file but without the full width of the product options



Product option below add to cart.jpg

Use browser inspector to see what the margins are for your highlighted area and adjust appropriately.

Thanks for the suggestion but I have it figure out.

The attached template is for 4.11.4 ,possiibly slightly earlier, I do not know when they changed the product template last.

This is just a template file not an addon. I puts the buttons above the product options and expands the options field to full screen. Useful if you have long list of options or if your options take up a lot of space.