Product Options as Required

Request to make “Product options” as “required choices” before adding to cart.

I think there is a hack for this somewhere on the forum.


Thank you for that Charlie, I did look over that post.

I just strongly believe this should be added as a core feature which is why I posted this to the features request section of the forum. This should rank very close to the top of the necessities list for a shopping cart program. Believe me, it can be an absolute customer service nightmare when people dont pay attention & thus order the wrong product option because the first product option was allowed to be added to the cart as “default”. There are alot of businesses including ours which sell products with “critical options” that are used for example in B2b industrial applications! Quite simply every Options Choice box should be pre-filled with the words “Please Select”, then if someone tries to add the item to the cart they should be notified that " You must select an option before adding this item to the cart!" This eliminates 80-90% of the “I accidently ordered the wrong item, what can we do to fix this, how do I exchange it for the correct item?” scenario! :wink:


I agree with stuck. There are a few option related enhancements needed as standard functionality.

  1. Defining a max length and max row specification for text fields and areas. ( I had to pay cs-cart for a mod on 1.35sp4 for this).
  2. Being able to designate a dropsdown, text area, text field as required.
  3. A HTML box configured on top or below an option to enter a link or additional information for that option.

    When I go to 2.0, I have to pay for the max length mod again.