Product options and Product Codes

Is it possible to have a product with multiple product codes for different sizes?

For example:

We sell fittings and the same fitting comes in multiple sizes. But each size fitting has a different product code associated with it.

So I would need a product called:

Brass Fitting (No product code)

With options: 1/4" .15 (Product Code 123456)

1/2" .17 (Product Code 123457)

3/4" .18 (Product Code 123458)

Does that make sense?

If this is possible, how would I set that up? Right now we have each size setup as a separate product and it is not really working for us as we carry so many products.

You can view an example as to what I mean here with our clamps:


Also, is there a way to display the “Quantity Option” when viewing products as a grid? Customers need to be able to add multiple items to the cart without opening the product, but I only see this option in “List” mode.

Thanks so much for any assistance!


In admin>settings>general choose allow inventory tracking

In the product option window use option combinations, this will allow you to add a different SKU for each option.

( I think your product needs to be set with track with inventory)

Note: you can import combinations but I havent done this, be better if you set up one product then export it to see how it is set up for import.



Thanks for the reply John. We don't really want to track out inventory through CS-Cart. Is this the only options available?

Is there a way to make sure products don't display being “Out of Stock” if we choose inventory tracking? We track inventory separately through Quickbooks.

thanks again!


I think I figured it out, but had one more quick question.

Is there a way to display the price for each option instead of the variant.

I would like this page displayed like:

8.0mm ($0.24)

8.7mm ($0.24)

9.5mm ($0.20)

I can kind of accomplish this by setting the main price of the item to $0. Is this a bad idea?


Yeah we track our stock through Sage so I know what you mean. But as for the base price being zero there are a number of threads about this but I dont see it being a problem for you except that it may show 0 on the product category pages depending on how you set it up. If all your products will be having option variants then you could change the text “PRICE” to “Price From” in administration/languages

There is an addon as cscartrocks that adds a “price from as low as” message that may suit you as it is shown on the category pages.


[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]I can kind of accomplish this by setting the main price of the item to $0. Is this a bad idea?[/quote][/font][/color]

[color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]No I dont think so as long as all products will have some sort of option or minimum order qty to add a price to basket.[/font][/color]

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