Product Option

How should i make a another product option bar.

I have seen a Global Option but there is default only one , i want to make a another . Please help


I’m not sure if I understand the question… adding additional options is quite easy.

If you’re adding another option that you want to be globally available to all products, just go to “Global Options”, and then go down to the “Add options” section, and add your new option there. Then, you can add that option to any of your products by going into it’s options, selecting that new global option from the dropdown list, and checkmark “Apply as Link”

If you don’t need it to be globally available, just go into that product’s options tab, and add the option at the bottom, where it says “Add product options”

I have to say how should i make a two seperate option, please check the attachment so you better understand what i am saying


What I described above is exactly the answer to your question. Not sure how to better explain it.

Yeah, problem was solved , thanks buddy :smiley:

to apply this to all products with out going into each product?

If you set the option up as global option, you can select an option and use the “Apply to products” link to apply it to multiple products.