Product option

I’m running an on line flowershop and sell flowers but also sell champagne. We have around 20 bouquets of flowers as products and also have a couple of different types of champagne. We cannot ,by law, sell the champagne on its own, it has to be bought with a non alcoholic product.

Is there a way I can set cs-cart up to NOT allow customers to buy only champagne. They can add champagne to their cart but it will not allow checkout unless another product is added to it?


One way to do this would be using Product options. You could allow customers to specify which champagne they want to add to a specific flower product which would guarantee the non-alchohol purchase.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply. I already use the options to sell chocolates and champagne. The thing is I want to put different types of champagne on the site and then maybe some wine. I can’t add all these products in as an option on each product as the list could go on and on.

You could take a look at the product configurator as another option. You could create bundles products like “Flowers and champagne” with flower as a required group and champagne and wine as optional purchases. You can specify which products are members of each product group within the product configurator and then apply them as needed to your bundled products.

I have not spent much time with the product configurator but this may meet your needs.