Product Option

Hi i am new to cs-cart community and i am trying to

solve a pretty hard for my experience on the platform problem.

What i whould like to do is add an option to the product,

which when selected in the product/options or products/general page can

add some image or text to the product.

For example if i want to promote a product i will be able to select this

option and add an image which overlays the product image that

says “Super offer” or smth.

Thanks in advance

Found an answer here : http://forum.cs-cart…e-in-the-admin/

I used this method to add an extra field to my admin/product/general page (i used radio button instead of textbox) and i put an extra line in image.tpl which displays the “Super deal” image i wanted if the has it selected!

Here is my code:

Add this code to [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]skins/basic/admin/views/products/update.tpl (for example right after the [/font][/color]{** /General info section **} ):

Add this to comon_templates/image.tpl right after row 1

{if $product.part_no== "1"}{/if}