Product Option With Diferent Code

Yes... as the title

I search, and sorry if i don`t see a option/way/addon that we can do this

As i said in other post to

All over the world we have CODES, SUPLYERS code, FACTORY code, EAN code, CSCART code, INVENTORY code, OEM code, ETC

One company can work with more than one code


We have product 6455489 code and is WHITE PANTS

and product 6455488 code is RED PANTS

I want to inventory separated. I whant to now each WHITE i have in STOCK and each RED`S
In fact want to avoid duplicate content to Google, so ..avoid to sell as diferent product

Thanks all

Note that you can set different SKU for different set of product options with the combinations functionality

No way... Pants was just an example

I have product more complicate than just color option

And i need a more easy way to do this.

The products must remain independents

What about variations?

If this feature does not suit your needs, additional custom development work will be required