Product Option Wish list

I would like to see the following:

Global Options - Add Product Code field

( I have 200 products that use the exact same global options and product code that I link to the product) Using combinations to enter a product code at the product level won’t work, especially if the Global Options Changed, ie add or delete some.

Global Option - Add ability to set combination restrictions.

Fix Configurator so that Product/Global Options will work with configurations.

They don’t work when adding to cart and then editiing the configuration. At this time, all the other options either revert to the default first value in the dropdown or all text in text boxes are lost.

Required Options - Be able to set any options including text fields and Boxes as required and force customer to enter or make selection. Possibly indicate on product page that option is required. ie in red “required option”

Max Length and Max row specification - Would only allow a certain number of characters in a row and/or maximum number of rows. No scrolling. Text Box size would also equil max length ( would probably need a maximum number in order to fit in cart page)

Ability to set Option name location ie to left or above the option.

New Option called HTML. This would be a box above or below an option that would allow HTML. Used for links, additional information regarding contents of text fields. Helps customer with personalization. This box, although configured as an option, would not show up in the cart or on invoices, only on product page.

All the above are standard features on other carts I have, but as usual, not all in one cart.

The html text box above and or below each option is in two carts I have and are very useful. Even have an IFRAME in one of them. In one cart there is a radio button to specifiy if the box/comment is above or below the option, in the other cart, you just use the order box to indicate position like any other option.

The HTML box would be nice.

I had been thinking of just a plain text box but aligned fully left - but HTML would be better.