Product Option Improvements

So have just updated to the latest version and while there are further improvements to this there is to start with one major thing missing:

The ability to set the configurable product price and have all variations priced the same automatically, - at the moment you have to go through every variation which is just stupid when you have different colours/sizes that may all be the same. There needs to be an option here in the admin and a default setting for each product with either 'individual variation pricing' or 'all the same'.

Also while using variations is great it would be good if product addons/accessories had this functionality as standard (rather than going through design > layouts - which seems a really odd way of doing this anyway)...

...and were also presented in the same manner as product options/variations if linked in the main product (for all variations - As long as the addon product does not have its own options/variants)

Not only is this a much easier way of linking accessories and enabling them to be upsold more effectively but this will also allow us to track stock of these addon options while using variations as they are their own unique product still.