Product Option Confusion If There Are Several Storefronts

Hi there,

I am trying to get my head around how product options are setup in CS-CART. It seems to me that there are 'master' options in the "All stores" section and then each time any of these master options are applied to products in a storefront a new product option is made. It seems that if you change an option in a storefront then it is cloned into a new option?

I don't think I am explaining it properly, but it would be good to understand completely

Anyone have a better way of explaining it?



Please find some information here:

global options can be applied to all product and stay linked to the master global option by "applying as a link"

this means, when you change any options, colour size etc, the option will chnage for ALL the other products and the master it is linked to.

Global options can also be applied to products, NOT LINKED, where as then it just adds the option to however many products you like globally in 1 go, but as they are not "applied as a link" they then become solely tied to one product and can be edited individually or exported and edited in bulk.