Product Option Comment Field

Is it possible to have a link to another page in the comment field for a product option..?

Looks like they strip out any html before saving in admin and the template does not have 'nofilter' as an attribute.

So short answer is "no, not without work".


You could always change the app/schemas/security/object_sanitation.php file by overriding the 'product_options' entry and changing the definition to NOT sanitize HTML and to NOT remove HTML.

You would have to also probably change the products/components/product_options.tpl template to add a "nofilter" to where the $po.comment is displayed.


try to replace



{$po.comment nofilter}

Then clear cache and check

(!) Not tested

Got it... It took the following. As you masters already know.. But for others.

Had to comment out , in app/schemas/security/object_sanitation.php

   'comment' => SecurityHelper::ACTION_REMOVE_HTML,

and add the no filter to design/themes/THEME/templates/views/products/components/product_options.tpl

{$po.comment nofilter}

As always. Thank You. One of you needs to make a quick cheap addon for this..

You can do this (UNTESTED) so it will survive an upgrade by creating


and using this code:

$schema['product_options']['comment'] = '';
return $schema;

This will effectively do what you did in the core file but do it in the addon instead so you don't have to remember each time you upgrade.

You could do something similar for the product_options.tpl template, but overriding the whole file for that small change is probably not worth it given that if there are future updates, you probably want them.