Product names with ' or / just fail to link in seo

Some things about this software are great, but sometimes I wonder what the developers are smoking… For instance I complained about the SEO package making invalid URLs when a product name contains characters that are not valid in a URL… like ’ or / or & for example. Their only answer was to rename the product. Gads… Is there a hack or can someone point me to where the seo url is created so I can strip those characters?



Another Example:


Humm… tried one with ’ in it and it does remove that. Must have fixed that after I complained… typical though that they fixed my exact issue instead of the real issue in general.


Ok, i did some more tests and it seems that these links work fine if you RESAVE the product and allow the new SEO routines to update the old URLs…

So the real question here is, how do I wipe out all the old bad SEO url’s to have them auto-generate as I don’t feel like digging through hundreds of products and resaving them.


See this thread:



Got a reply from support… they said the SEO names are generated on the fly if missing so you just need to delete the table contents. Cool - though why they never told me/us that before when I had the issue, I donno…

DELETE FROM cscart_seo_names;