Product Name Auto Generator

Hi, Not sure if any one has come up with this requirement.

we want to display product names in a standard format based on 'category' + Features no matter what vendor has input as product name. it should override and display as defined template. we are currently using CS-CART MVE v4.11.5

Eg: A product car in Automobile>BMW with features as Model=i8 and Year=2020 should display as in storefront as 'BMW i8 2020'.

Does any one know how do we achieve this? we also wants to set this only for certain categories only. like 'Automobile'



Hello Saranga

This cannot be achieved without creating an addon that will generate such a product name based on the configuration. You can contact us PM, we can create such an addon for you.

Best regards


Use export/import feature to rewrite product names

Are you wanting this to override the SEO name as well? If so, you should hide SEO from vendors and apply your name based on your computed values. But if you have same product in multiple categories, you won't be able to do it unless you only do it for the primary category.

Use export/import feature to rewrite product names

Hi, hope you are referring to modifiers, we check this with cs-cart, but it cannot generate product name as we expected. basically it should concat (Catagory1, Feature 1, Feature 2)

Try to check 3rd party addons on the marketplace. Possibly some of them have such a feature