Product main image wrongly changed when an option is selected

I am trying version on my local computer, not sure if this is a bug but I’ve searched the forum but couldn’t find a solution.

I’ve added some product options (select box) to a specific product, this product has several images with thumbnails. The problem is when one of the product option is selected from the drop down menu, the main picture is changed to a different one, as if the thumbnail of that image was clicked, though the option has nothing to do with the main images. Any help would be appreciated.

I have seen this problem, also.

I have 2.1.1.

I put in a bug report. Seems like this is a feature

See this: [URL=“”][/URL]



Thank you for the reply. I agree with you that this is more like a bug than a feature, and is very annoying, this should be fixed.

I agree, this is very annoying. I would prefer that the original product image remain displayed and lightbox popup when clicking product option thumbnails rather than main image changing.

Why is it that everytime a bug is posted and then there is pushback about the implementation (like this one) that the cs-cart developer just goes silent. I’ve had this happen many times. it’s like “agree with us or we’ll just ignore you”. Very annoying.

The image shouldn’t change if a different option is selected. However, I personally believe that if there is an image associated with the option that it should become the thumbnail being shown. But when questioned about that, “it isn’t designed that way”.