Product Loading from MS Access into CS-Cart

I am looking for some type of assistance that will allow me to pull products from my suppliers MS Access database and export them into CS Cart.

I also have an export of the database in CSV and can import it into Excel but I cannot remember how to link tables from sheet to sheet to get the data into the proper column format.

This is basic excel and MS Access stuff that I just can’t remember and can’t seem to get working anymore - I think I must of gotten older and lost something along the way.

Can someone please help me with this - I couldn’t even find anyone of the O-Desk contractors that understood CS-Cart and tables that would take the job…


Easiest way to do this on your own is this:

Add a product manually in cs-cart with all product options necessary and after that export it from admin / administration / export data / product.

Select the fields you want exported and select comma at CSV delimiter.

This will export your products into a csv which you will be able to open with excel.

This would be your perfect example as how the data must be inserted into columns.

Hope this helps