Product listing page for product features


Is it possible to list all products that contain a certain product feature? And is it possible to set the URL of this page to the name of the product feature?

I have a product feature called 'Authors' for my products. I want to be able to visit and have a list of all products that have this artist's name associated with the product.


Please try the “Extend” type of feature. It has seo url.

Hello quicksilver1024!

I would recommend you to pay attention to the Shop by Brands add-on developed by our team.

This add-on has lots of features and allows customers to shop easily by brands available in a store. You can use the Author feature instead of Brands (Manufacturer). It is possible to use A-Z block with the authors names or click the author name on a product details page and see all products of this author.

Detailed description, documentation and demo are available here Shop by Brands CS-Cart add-on

If you want to use the word Author instead of Brands in the storefront, you will need to change some language variables in the admin back end (Administration - > Languages).

Best regards, Alt-team

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Please try the “Extend” type of feature. It has seo url.


Thank you for this! This was what I was looking for. Do you know what the format is for the seo url? Do I just put in the slug and it'll appear in the root? So, entering 'name-1' in the field will make the URL ''?

I'm asking this because nothing I entered in the field produced a page for me. Not 'name-1' not '/name-1' not even '';

Maybe you need to add .html at the end of the url.

ID not the the link use in the “view all” link that show at the bottom of the feature link. If so just click the link and copy the url produced and you can add that any memnu to reproduce that page.

Yes, set up the feature as a Product Filter. Put the Product Filter block in the left menu of the catalog and you can click thru the links to the SEO named pages.

The seo name is the base name. Whether it has .html appended to it or not is a function of the SEO rules. This merchant has a custom Authors controller which seems to be intercepting SEO requests.