Product List - Size Of Grid Tiles Or Change Padding


I hve modified my product list a bit and added a status bar. See below:

As you can see on the green status bar, it just cuts of the a tiny bit of the text.

I now either need to increase the height of the tile or reduce some of the top padding. I tried reducing the height of the Thumbnails without any luck.

Here the link to the page:

Any smart ideas on how to best handle this?



Try to change theme settings

Try to change theme settings

Thanks. It indeed increased the height if thee cell, however the inner area remains the same......any other thoughts?

One thought...... How about if I remove the rating stars in the product list. Would that move the rest up?

Anyone knows how I do that?

I recall I saw that option in a tpl file, just do not know where.....

Managed to remove that ratings line - no change

Work around at the end was to reduce the fontsize to 80%.

I think, it can be also changed in the template


Check code under the following line

{** Detecting grid item height **}