Product list page in admin panel crashes after import

I have been stuck on this issue for a while. I have used the XML and CSV add-ons to import data from CSV files. The import works, fine, the fields and category mapping are all top-notch.

It works fine in my other domain as well, where it is up and running. But for some reason, the product list page crashes with this message displayed in the admin panel. I have looked everywhere and haven’t found a solution.

Hello! Please make sure that your server environment comply with the server requirements and has installed and active any graphics library PHP extension: gd or imagick.

I have checked the server requirements and installed the required libraries. I am using docker to set this up in an instance and it keeps showing me this error.

I have been trying to set this up and this issue has been going on for a month now.

Can you PM me with the link to phpinfo of your server?