Product list design issues


I’ve look thru these forums to find these answers, but can’t. so i’ll post them here.

Here is the site i have been working on:


here are the probs:

  1. In the HTML, i have specified that the Qty box should be 4 characters wide, but when it goes live, you can see the input box is huge! Also, the label seems to go off on it’s own, all the way over to the left. Anyone knows why that’s happening?

  2. I would like to remove the words “Price:” and “(including GST)”

  3. I would like to remove “view details” from under the images

  4. I’d like to change the layout of the ‘short description’ … take the box, border and bg, move it up closer to the price etc to integrate it into the page better.

    Many thanks to all.


Nr 2



Find {$lang.price}: and remove it.

Nr 3



Remove line (this will remove view details below image)

Nr 4

In same file short description borders are set here

{if $product.short_description || $product.full_description}

{if $product.short_description}
{$product.full_description|unescape|strip_tags|truncate:280:"..."}{if $product.full_description|strlen > 280}{$lang.more_link}{/if}


To remove borders you should remove class=“box margin-top” or edit box margin-top in styles.css

You may replace code above with this one (I used this in 135 SP3 but this should work on 2.0*)

{if $product.short_description}



Don’t forget to backup!

Darius sir, you are a true champion!

Thanks for that - i also took out the “including GST” by commenting out


in the buy_now.tpl

I feel that i may be slowly getting the hang of this CS-Cart. Hope one day to actually help pple here rather than just bomb them w questions!!!

cheers mate


I am recommending you to use


in admin panel. It help quickly find what file is responsible for what. You can edit file right from front page. After this I copy paste to html editor, it help better understand the code. No need to use ftp anymore.

You are welcome :slight_smile: It took me lot more post and topic’s to get were you are now…

Yeah I have been using that ‘customization’ mode. Also downloaded the Scott Wilburn DW extension. Still can’t get splitview even tho i used the extension manager. anyone know hwt i’m doing wrong?

Also installed the “Firebug” plug-in for FireFox [url]Firebug

which i found quite handy.

So far i have just been using notepad, DW and the template manager to cut n paste and make changes. I feel a bit cowboy in doing so, but it’s the only thing that works for me right now.

I think the key is to really understand how the code works and just make the changes by hand.

I have to say that this has been a really steep learning curve for me - immensely frustrating, but equally as rewarding. After I feel satisfied with my work on this site, i think i might try to focus on building e-commerce sites for other clients.

in the current economic situation, i believe e-commerce will def be a growth area.

How do I do this in the 2.2.x version?