Product list and short description

There is a setting in Admin>Settings>Appearance “Number of columns in product list” I prefer it being set to 1 because then it shows the short descriptions of the product. But I had to add some options to our fishing reels like “free spectra” “free top shot” and “top shot pound test” So along with the fishing reel “color” there is 4 drop downs. For some reason when it is set to “1 column in product list” and I hit “add to cart” it just says “adding to cart” but never does. However when it is set to “2 colums in product list” it adds to cart fine but then the short description is gone. Is there anyway to show the short description even though there are 2 product colums? Here is a link to the page I am talking about. Thank you so much for your trouble I hope I make sense.

There is a different .tpl file for categories & multi column categories (something like multi_categories). You should just be able to copy and past whatever the shor desc. code is out of the one .tpl into the other.


It worked! Thank you so much. Now I feel that my code copy and paste skills are worth atleast 1 or 2 dollars an hour :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I was hoping that I didnt mess anything up and I didnt! Woohoo.

It does make me wonder what the reason that if it is in “1 column” on the items that have 4 drop down menus, they will not add to cart but when you click on it it shows the moving circle and keeps saying “loading” but never gets too “Product(s) have been added to the cart”. It must have something to do with the 4 drop downs because with 1 or 2 it loads to the cart. Any ideas? BTW you guys are awesome for answering these question I really appreciate it!

Glad you got it working. There is most likely a JavaScript conflict/error that is happening somewhere. Do you use FireFox at all? An easy way to see what is happening is use FireFox and the FireBug Plugin. This will show you exactly what’s happening behind the scenes and why it’s hanging.


Interesting it works fine with the firefox browser but with Internet Explorer it hangs. Any idea how to trouble shoot it with that browser?

Hmmm, that’s odd. There is a web developer tool bar add on for IE, but I don’t have much experience with it. Might want to give that a try.

Downloaded that and checking it out, thank you. :slight_smile: