Product in a different categories

I do have a question for one product to be in separate categories.

Lets say the productA is in category1 (as a main category) and category2 (as of secondary)

If we browse to category1 and then click on prodcutA the Breadcrumbs should shows like this:

Home > category1 > ProductA

And the URL should be like:


Now if we browse to category2 and click on productA then breadcrumbs should show like:

Home > category2 > ProductA

And the URL like this:


After I upgraded to 3.3 version and only it shows the default main category Breadcrumbs.

and I contacted the cs-cart and they told me [u][b]You are right. Now the store system always shows a main categor[/b][/u]

And because of that my all products in category2 for example got 404 pages by google index pages.

Is there anyone experience this problem, I have to lots of 301 Redirect for that, and I am not sure it's really will hurt my site on the search enging.

Thank you,