Product Importing error.

Any one having the same issues??

After I import my products with the csv file, I receive several errors.

I see my products listed in the category/subcategory, but the price did not import correctly. It says “contact for price.” I am pretty sure I have it in the correct format because when I delete the other fields, and only import product code and price, it works.

Also, if i click on each individual product, I receive a 404 Page Not Found error. This happened to me before and we reinstalled the cart again and it worked this morning. However, now I am receiving the same problem again. Please help.

I’m having so many importing issues… sometimes it works… sometimes it doesn’t.

Thanks in advance,


It sounds like it didn’t recognize your ‘price’ column. I had success by adding a test product to get the format, then I exported that so I’d have all the correct fields. It’s hard to say what you’re doing wrong without seeing the import file, but even then it might be hard to troubleshoot.

Bug in 2.0.7

See last post by Zeke