Product Import

I’m using the trial version and I’m importing 200 products (.csv format).

When I upload, it’s only importing 34 products from the list of 200. Is the trial version limited to a maximum # of products?

Is there an error that pops up during/before/after the import?

Also, right after you upload the products via .csv you will be re-directed to the products page where you can see all of the imported products. As soon as you are redirected you will notice a little green or orange window will pop up in the top right of your window. This window will describe what happened in the update, even if only to let you know it was successful. The window disappears after a few seconds so …quickly copy and paste any errors you have in it. Then report back with what you found, maybe we can help.

I am also having an import problem too. I have 250,000 records but I can only import 2,000 or less at a time. I have the full version and tech support has been unable to resolve this restriction. I do have a full version of CS Cart 2.10 .

Does anyone know of a script I can use to import records outside of CS CART import function?

I have the same problem so have had to limit the size and send 4 rather than 1 file to upload the products.

When i used another shopping cart the only help they could give was to alter the .httacces changing filesize limits, didnt work for me though.