Product import image specification

Never mind, this issue was related to case-sensitivity differeneces between CSV and filesystem.


I haven’t done a product import since Beta1. Under Beta2, I specify the “Product image” as either a leafnode (I.e. abc.jpg), a relative path (Ie. detailed/abc.jpg or images/abc.jpg) or a full path (I.e. /home/user/public_html/images/detailed/abc.jpg).

None of these seem to associate the image to the product. If I view the product from the catalog it’s the no-image icon. If I look at the product in the Admin area, there is no image assigned.

I have not tried this under Beta3 since upgrading (my own upgrade process) from Beta2 to Beta3 is a real pain due to the changes in the block manager.

Has anyone been successful in importing the image definition via the Product import.

The images are present as images/detailed/abc.jpg.