Product Import Format And Importing Csv

I am trying to import a 5000 product feed and can’t get more that one google export feature imported from the csv file. I have made a single product csv even that does not import properly. It will only import one feature from the google export features such as GTIN. adding additonal ones causes an error. Also if i try to add box dimension the same sort of problem occurs.

I have used semicolon as a delimiter (;)

I made sure the first line is formatted proplery by exporting my product feed to double check everything. (note I had to capitlise the first characters).

contents of csv file.

Product id;Language;Category;Product name;Description;Price;Inventory tracking;Product code;Weight;Detailed image;Taxes;Features;Features

12000;en;Tablet///Android;7" Tablet;Dual core;79.99;d;12000;0.25;http://www.mywebsite/images/7inchtab.jpg;VAT;"(Google export features) GTIN: T[6931122000000]; (Google export features) Condition: S[new]; (Google export features) Brand: T[unbranded]; (Google export features) Availability: S[in stock]

Please help.

try about 100 products, if that works 1000.

Turn on error reporting then the log file section.See if it's it's stopping at the same point each time.

Last issue I had was because a field wouldn't allow a NULL value, change that it it worked fine.

The logging does not report any errors.

The error message I am prompted is:

WarningYour CSV file has incorrect data formatting (incorrect delimiter, missed/missing fields, etc.) in the following lines: 2

I have exported my product file and found that the details seem to contain “” perhaps this is the problem for example M-2070S;“Computing///Input Devices///Mice”;“6.99”;“A”;“1”;“0.15”;“0.00”;“D”;“N”;“”;" etc.

I am using exel to build each product line using the Ampersand feature, am i going the correct way about it?

Just tested it by adding the " in-between the fields and it imports all ok.I had to create cell with " and added &A1 in excel

Just one issue is the box sizes are not updated in the shipping options. I have specified the minx max values. any ideas?