Product Import (Csv And Api) Error Picture

Hi product gives error when adding picture.

Detailed image. The full path to the detailed product image.

EXAMPLE: /home/client/public_html/cscart/var/files/exim/backup/images/detailed_image.jpg

this is my picture address.

CSV import and API product import.

loading of files with extensions is not accepted.

what's the solution?

Try the following:

Path to image in CSV file: detailed_image.jpg

Images directory setting: exim/backup/images/

Real image location: /home/client/public_html/cscart/var/files/1/exim/backup/images/detailed_image.jpg

(!) Pay attention to additional directory in the path - 1. It should be equal to store-front ID. Leave 1 if only one store-front is used