product images

I am having trouble with viewing images, I am testing and moving to another server all files database and images to a bigger server and transfered everything over but only thing that does not appear are the images, all text description catagories but not the images, is there a way to do this without doing each one again. I tried export then import but does not work

Please check folder rights :[list]







The folders are 755 I changed just the folders to 777 and still the same

Have you tried to clear the image thumbnails cache?

Yes for sure I did 2 times and no images all say no image, I exported and checked the links and are the same, The image folder is 777 and all folders inside 777 and the images like other server are 666

Did you check and repair database?

Also inspect a product image then look at its URL. Example if URL is then control if example.jpg and its directory exists.

Please try 777 for images directory recursively. Can you see owner of images directory?

The product image will all show no image.jpg or for example so no way to check path until a image is there, I am going to repair database and clear cache as well but is kinda weird that they do not show up even after I exported checked then imported to new server and no images so I must be doing something wrong, I still have old one running until I get finished and then will a complete change over but just want to make sure everything works before I do for real

i have same problem, please let me know how u solved the problem…

my website was working perfect, i now shift to a VPS and even then it was working perfect, but now after clear thumbname cache, all products dont show up images…

pls help regarding this.