Product Images Very Distorted after upload

Hi there,

I noticed when I upload some images in .gif format that are “width=15” and “height=100” for example, that they enlarge and stretch out bigtime. They come out very distorted. Is this because of the Gif format or some other image reason? I am going to try and convert to .jpg format but I thought I would ask in case there might be a well known issue about such images. It’s almost as if CS-cart doesn’t know how to handle the .gif or elongated image very well. If the image is more 100x125 for example in .gif format everything is fine, but only if 10x100 does it flip out on me.



My guess is the auto thumbnail generator. It will make the image a set size.

Do you have a value in this field (Thumbnail width on product list page (leave empty to use original size)). You can find it in the Appearance Settings.

Also check “Home > Settings > Thumbnails”