Product Images Path

I have recently deleted categories/products and re-imported all products to clean up my website. I copied all images to me imported into a new folder in exim/backup/images/. The actual location via FTP is var/files/1/exim/backup/images/newimages.

I made sure when importing I changed the images location to exim/backup/images/newimages on the import page.

The import process is successful however some images are missing. Also i have noticed there are multiple locations for images (e.g. in the root images folder, images/backup folder and in exim etc.)

My question is where does cs-cart actually store the images and does it use this location to import into its own location?

I really would like to clear all images and specify just one path without the need for cs-cart to copy the files into another folder.


All product images in CS-Cart are store in the /images directory. Other folders can be deleted without any worries. As for missed images, it is required to examine the issue on your server as the directories are specified correctly in the import settings

Do you mean in the root images folder or exim/backup/images/? Thanks.

Do you mean in the root images folder or exim/backup/images/? Thanks.

Root images folder contains images of all objects (products, categories, etc)

Pretend you don't see the following ( because I am planning on 'maybe' moving my store 'elsewhere' ).

I don't have much money so I have to do it myself.

I did a test Images export to .csv file and all I see as image reference syntax is


exim/backup/images/lim2.JPG#{[en]:;} is not a suitable url to have an image called from a remote server.

Can anyone help ?

Use Detailed image URL or Image URL instead for the links.

Edit: Oops. I was supposed to pretend I didn't see your post.

Detailed image URL or Image URL only give me 1 image when the product has 5.

ALL the product images are stored in the exim folder below when Export Images is carried out var/files/1/exim/backup/images/lim2.JPG#{[en]:;}

Why do I get
403 Forbidden


I got around the 'inaccessible' address by copying the exim backup images to a folder in root

and modifying the url's in the CSV. Problem solved and I was able to import them to the new cart

BUT now I have another problem.

After days of mucking around, I don't want to leave

Sure I have had problems but it has been 99% smooth running.