Product Filters on Sub Categories

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Has anyone got any experience with adding product filters to sub-categories so that the fitler option only appears when someone selects the sub-category and is not in the parent category?


Is this a bug, incorrect setup or standard functionality?

I think its standard functionality for them to show on all levels of the category.

Have you got a link to the site?


I’m not sure I understand what you mean. I’ve had a play about on my site and I can set filters on sub cats without having them on the main cat.

You can even set up unique filters for every category if you want. How are you adding the block?

Hi All

The website is

If you select Office Supplies > Adhesives and Tapes you will see the two relevant filters and the original price one.

If you then go up to Office Supplies these are still present.

What categories do you have assigned for your “tape type” and “Tape info” filters? If you set the category on these filters to only “Adhesives and Tapes” you should not have this problem.


There are assigned the the Product Feature Group “Adhesives & Tapes”, which is assigned to the Category “Adhesives & Tapes” only.

Okay, that is for your product features. Now look at your “Tape type” filter under Catalog->Product filters and verify that it is assigned only to “Adhesives & Tapes”.


yep, it is only assigned to the Adh & Tapes category in the Product filter section.

You have the features and filters set up correctly. You need to fix WHEN the block of filters appears. You need to assign the block specifically to the categories you want which will allow it to appear only for those categories. This may also cause you to have multiple filter blocks, though, so just keep that in mind. You need to create a block for “Categories” then go to the Categories where you want it to appear to assign that block. Once you do that, the filter will ONLY appear for the categories where you assigned it.

If this isn’t clear enough, let me know and I’ll provide more detailed instructions. I just don’t have time to do it right now from my “real” job. :slight_smile:

Good luck!




thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

oh, it works by the way. thanks all.