Product Filters On Homepage 4.3.2 Problem

Because advanced search removed in 4.3.X versions I want to try product filters on homepage feature that comes with 4.3.2.

I upgrade from 4.3.1 to 4.3.2. My upgrade was problematic, upgrade process first stalled and I had to refresh page and see it is installed but I am not sure that everything worked well.

I followed the instructions about product filter in homepage guide as in the http://blog.cs-cart…-cart-releases/ but at the end there is no filter showed up.

I have already have filters . I have chosen a category add filter name but with no data result. I am trying online demo of cs-cart and see that filters come to screen to pick. I am guessing that it is because of upgrade process. How can I sure of upgrade health? What can I do for product filter on homepage and reupgrade properly?

Note: changing config.php [color=#1B8D01]define('PRODUCT_VERSION', '4.3.2');[/color]


[color=#1B8D01]define('PRODUCT_VERSION', '4.3.1'); [/color]

But I see that it is a migration file and will mess everything

Thank you




Anyway problem is product feature type is Other->text this type can not be applied as filter.