Product Filter Use Breaks Other Javascript


One of my clients sites has large category descriptions so code is added to hide a large proportion of it with a read more link added. This all works fine that is until one of the product filters is used. It then fails to operate.

Does anyone know what is required to get it working after a filter has been applied. I guess it reloading some part of the template/js code and thus failing to operate. After using the filter the code appears to be still there, both js and the link.

Many thanks


Site is v3

Hello boxed-blue,

Did you checked it on JS errors? Is there any error displayed in Firebug (or something else)?

In any way please try to add the “cm-ajax-force” class to the “script” tag where the custom JS code is placed, e.g.



And clear the cache after you save the TPL file.

If it does not helps, please provide us with URL of the store, we will try to examine this problem by ourselves.


Cheers for the help.

No errors in Firebug and adding the class to the script hasn't worked but I have created a copy of the site, re-styled it, added all the addons and all is good. No idea what has caused the issue but we have a working solution.

If I find the culprit then I will update this post.

Thanks again