Product Filter: Descending Order?

Is it possible to get a product filter to list stuff in descending order? I’m working on a site that sells sermons and one of the filters is Year (i.e. year the sermon was preached). The years range from 1974 to 2010. The filter displays this information in ASCENDING order, so it begins with 1974 and then goes up from there, displaying 1974 and the next nine years. This means that to find 2010, a person first has to click the “more” link to get to the sermons for 2010. Since most people are interested in the newest sermons, the site owner would like 2010 to be at the top, with 2009 next, etc. In other words, is it possible to display the filter results in DESCENDING order?

Any help greatly appreciated as always!

The site owner has asked me about this again. Does anyone know how to make the filters display in descending order instead of ascending? If not, maybe it should be added to the ideas section.

Hello Kingsleypress,

Please set positions of your product feature variants. For example: you set 0 position for year 2011, set 1 for year 2010, etc.

OK I have done that now. Works perfectly. Thanks!

You are welcome.