Product Feeds

Is there any was to generate product feeds with CS-Cart?

Does CS-Cart have XML exporting for the product catalog. If it does, has anyone converted it to work with price engines like PriceGrabber and I can probably do it (if a feed is avalable), but I’d rather save my time and follow instructions.

Has anyone developed something like this: [url][/url]

And would that work with CS-Cart, as I understand that both carts are (CS-Cart and Xcart are similar?

I need this tool ! is a key for generate traffic quality and more € ,

Currently only the Google Base feed is in CS. When you submit your feed to Google it creates a file that you can download. You can then submit that file to others if it is in the same format.

this would be awesome to have, I am willing to purchase the xcart version if some professional modder here is willing to take it and run with it and create a mod for us all to use.



Same here.

We need this mod, so somebody please get it done. This is a necessity and I wouldn’t have bought this software had I known there was no easy way to export these product feeds.

I would even do it myself, but reading the database is fo frickin complicated. And on that note… Does anybody know of an easy way to read the DB?

Are yall aware that most of those sites cost money? The only free ones I know of is Google and MSN’s Live Product (Live Product doesn’t work very well).

It is not that complicated to make your own feed using the product export feature. All you need to do is figure out what attributes are required from each site, export the attributes required/wanted and edit the header.

If all of the sites generally go by Googles format then like I said above, when you export to Google it will create a file that you can download, then you can submit that file to the other sites.

I know that it costs money to be listed. I’m pretty sure most of these sites run their own format. I’m gonna look into what you said about Google base files being accepted.

But one problem with using the Google base exporter is that you’d need to download and upload periodically (I know that with price engines, feeds are generally retrieved automatically from the site’s server once every 24 hours). With new products and changing prices every day, it would be really annoying to have to constantly be generating a file.

So I guess a solution would be a modification that would provide on the fly export feed generation (of the Google base files, assuming they’d work), but I’m not really so understanding of how CS-Cart works, and my PHP skills are’nt all that great.