Product Features On New Products Missing

I have a client who has recently upgraded to 4.7.2.SP2. We're not sure when the problem began so might be release related or it might not.

She has product feature groups set for 2 storefronts (Ebay and Google) as well as several features that are common to both stores and some that are unique.

When she creates a new product in the primary storefront and goes to the features tab, she sees all the features she expects. However, when she does the same thing in the second store, she only sees 1 feature group (Ebay) and no other groups or individual features. I.e. she sees Ebay feature group (4 features) but the pageination shows that it's showing 11 of 50.

Additionally, she's not able to remove any features from a product once they are there (primary or secondary storefront).

Has anyone else seen this issue? Before I dive in, I thought I'd see if anyone else has seen this. Demo store only has one storefront so I can't verify it there.

Would someone be so kind as to create a new product (+ icon) in their 2nd store, add it to a category, click create and then go to the features tab and tell me if all expected features (groups, shared and unique) are visible? And can you delete any of those features from that product?

Looks like there is an issue with sharing. Start from checking the cscart_ult_objects_sharing table with company_id = SECOND_STOREFRONT and object_type = features

Already did that and the 'product_features' object types for the correct company/feature are there.

I think (but have yet to confirm) that I found the issue. This particular customer is very fond of setting things like features and exim exports based on category. Hence she has 100's of categories restricting each feature. My guess is the selected category of the product is NOT in the list of categories for the features. I've encouraged her to simplify....