Product features in search?


I'm a new user to this software… So i've got a question…i'm setting up a CS Cart store and i can't find a way to enable search to look into “product_feature”… I really need to be able to search (normal page search, not the advanced one) to find this string…

Because my items are gonna be made ie:

Name: Bearring

Code: 1010219

Supplier code: 10145

So i wanna be able to search for name, code or the supplier code (product_feature)…how do integrate this?



You could put each term in the “search words” field box in the admin>product detail page.


That's really not the solution…i also need to show that code somewhere on the product page…

any other suggestions?

I'm wondering if anyone has figured this out (for 2.x)?



I'd love to know how to exclude these terms or a block of text in the description (e.g. blah blah or custom html tags … or {smarty} tags etc, etc.

So when searching, you're picking details up like product features, and title, but not the whole description.