Product features in products list

Hello all,

I want to show the product features in the list mode. Is there any way to do that?

I tried to access product features like this:

{include file=“views/products/components/product_features.tpl” product_features=$product.product_features}

but no way, it is not working. I think that in this mode, features are not available.

Thank you for your help.

It seems that this forum is empty!

Hello Gsystems,

Product features are shown in the product list default layout in the standard CS-Cart installation by default. If they are not displayed for you, please check if the “Catalog pages” and “Product” options are enabled for the necessary features (go to “Catalog” → “Product features”). For more information about product features, please refer to this article in our Knowledge Base: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation .

[quote name=‘gsystems’]It seems that this forum is empty![/QUOTE]

i have the same opinion…

[quote name=‘Hoko’]i have the same opinion…[/QUOTE]

Look again… there are so many posts here!

Tip: google your problem or issue with cs-cart next to it. google searches the forum better then the search on the forum. I already found 100’s of answers this way.

For example [url]list product features cs-cart[/url] - Google Suche

I post various questions…

and at the moment the help community is very poor…


and at the moment the help community is very poor…


Maybe no one knows the answer to your question or finds that it takes too much work to do the research to figure it out for you.

Want guranteed response, go pay for support from cs-cart or from somone who will be willing to do the research for a price.

The community forum is more about sharing experience. I.e. “I’ve done that, here’s the answer”. It’s not a free help desk wherre others are going to do for you what you’re too lazy to do for yourself.

I agree with tbirnseth. I have received tremendous amount of help out here. But also try to throw in my two bits worth when ever I can.