Product Features & Filters

I’m working with a client who would like to add a filter by age for their products. This seems like it should be a simple thing to do, right?

I added a feature group called “shop by age” and added the desired age groups to this group. The product definition screens allow me to tick appropriate boxes so it is clear that these changes are in the database.

When I tried to create a filter, the new feature group is not presented as an option through the filter popup. I can review the HTML to see that the options for the dropdown do not include my new feature group. Here are is the HTML:




Show on home page:

Filter by:

Audio formats

In stock
Free shipping

Pos. Name From - To


Add empty item Clone this item Remove this itemRemove this item


All Categories included


Add categories:




What I am looking for is the template that produces this HTML so I can investigate the code. Alternatively, if this is a bug in the software, it needs to be fixed.

My client does not want the domain published while it is under development so I am not authorized to put the URL into a public chat. If you wish to help and need to look at the domain, please send a private message. The site is running CS-Cart 2.0.12.

I think where you are going wrong here is that feature groups cannot be added as filters, only features can. I’m confused by your comment “I added a feature group called “shop by age” and added the desired age groups to this group”. So what you have is a feature group called “shop by age” and then one feature per individual age group in the “shop by age” feature group? How did you set the age features up? Typically what is done is the feature group would be called something like “Clothing” with one feature underneath it called “Shop By Age”. The Shop by Age feature could be of type Text with the age groups as the variants. Then a flter is created using the “Shop By Age” feature as the “Filter by” in the filter

That being said, you might want to check that your feature group is assigned to all categories and that you have a block set up in Design->Blocks before you create the filter. I’ve not had this issue, so these are just guesses on my part.

Thanks, Chris.

I’ll look at it again, a little differently this time. :slight_smile:

I’ll post back to the forum with results.

Hi again, Chris…

You suggestion worked. As usual, I was making it more difficult than I needed to. :slight_smile:

I imagined that I could set up a group, like New Features in the demo data, and leave a box for client to check as they are adding their products. On dificulty I can see is there is only an option to add one text using “extended” type but I’ll fool around with it a bit more. It is possible that the products are suitable for multiple age groups.

This solution don’t seem to be working on a new filter the client wants to set up. Unfortunately, the client didn’t try it again for a month. What worked on June 24th isn’t working today, for some odd reason.

The client tried to add a “shop by interest” filter. When I checked what he had done, I noticed he had not assigned it to all categories so I’ve fixed that part. I ticked the box on the product and updated it. The block already exists on the pages so one would think that the new product filter would show up there … but it is not.

Can someone offer precise instructions on how this is done so the client can maintain their own and already delivered site?