Product Features/Filters Sorting

I rely heavily on product features/filters to drive navigation in my online store.

One issue I have with filters is the way it is presented to the customer.

Since I sell kitchenware, a lot of my products are categorized by ounces, cups, quarts, inches, etc.

CS-Cart currently sorts those features based on the first digit, not the total number.

Example is:

1 quart

102 quarts

3 quarts

42 quarts

7 quarts

9 quarts

As you can see, the 102 quarts and 42 quarts should be at the bottom (below 9 quarts) if you want them to be organized.

Going through all of the options and assigning an order to them is very time consuming since I am always adding new features and filters.

Any suggestions for integrating a permanent fix for this?

Is there any update on this topic/wish?

I am afraid, additional code modifications are required to do it. Feel free to contact us if you need this modification