Product Features Drop Down Filter


I'm struggling with creating a drop down list of my product features, which is actually a list of artist names. I found a forum post that got me as far as I could go and I'm not sure how to edit my file to get it to work. This is what's happening: The drop down lists my product features, and when I click one of them it displays the results successfully. But the problem is that when I go to select the other artist/product feature, only the product feature that currently displays exists in the drop down menu. So for example, lets say I have two features: Artist A and Artist B. They both exist in the list until I click on one - the other disappears. I also need to have a View All option.

This is my code so far from the product_filters.tpl file and I can't figure out what to change:


{if $items && !$smarty.request.advanced_filter}

{if $smarty.server.QUERY_STRING|strpos:“dispatch=” !== false}

{assign var=“curl” value=$config.current_url}

{assign var=“filter_qstring” value=$curl|fn_query_remove:“result_ids”:“filter_id”:“view_all”:“req_range_id”:“advanced_filter”:“features_hash”:“subcats”:“page”}


{assign var=“filter_qstring” value=“”}


{assign var=“reset_qstring” value=“”}

{if $smarty.request.category_id}

{assign var=“filter_qstring” value=$filter_qstring|fn_link_attach:“subcats=Y”}

{assign var=“reset_qstring” value=$reset_qstring|fn_link_attach:“subcats=Y”}


{assign var=“has_selected” value=false}

{foreach from=$items item=“filter” name=“filters”}

- Select Artist -

{foreach from=$filter.ranges name="ranges" item="range"}

{if $smarty.foreach.ranges.iteration > $smarty.const.FILTERS_RANGES_COUNT}class="hidden"{/if}
{assign var="filter_query_elm" value=$smarty.request.features_hash|fn_add_range_to_url_hash:$range:$filter.field_type}
{if $smarty.request.features_hash}
{assign var="cur_features_hash" value="&features_hash=`$smarty.request.features_hash`"}
{$filter.prefix}{$range.range_name|fn_text_placeholders}{$filter.suffix} ({$range.products})





Can anyone assist me?

Start Here. This doesn't give you the View All but may fix your filter's not showing when they should.

Thanks so much for your help! I think I've figured it out.

A side question, sort of related: Is there any way I can insert product filters into a template file? Currently through Blocks, I can only enter it above or beneath the content where I want it to display (I'd like to show within categories view.tpl). I tried using {include file=“blocks/product_filters.tpl”} but it didn't display. Any thoughts?

Thanks again for your help!!