Product Feature on Product Listing Page

Would someone be able to help me troubleshoot this code for me? I'm trying to display a product feature on the product listing page. I have the same code working on the product details page - but I'm doing something wrong with the include to prevent it to work. Here's my code:

On the product_multicolumns_list.override.tpl file:


$product.product_id”|fn_url}”>{include file=“common_templates/image.tpl” obj_id=$obj_id_prefix images=$product.main_pair object_type=“product” show_thumbnail=“Y” image_width=$settings.Thumbnails.product_lists_thumbnail_width image_height=$settings.Thumbnails.product_lists_thumbnail_height}

{assign var=“name” value=“name_$obj_id”}{$smarty.capture.$name}

	{include file="views/products/components/product_features-artist.tpl" product_features=$product.product_features details_page=true}

{assign var="old_price" value="old_price_`$obj_id`"}
{if $smarty.capture.$old_price|trim}{$smarty.capture.$old_price} {/if}

{assign var="price" value="price_`$obj_id`"}

{assign var="clean_price" value="clean_price_`$obj_id`"}
{if $capture_buttons}{capture name="buttons"}{/if}

{assign var="add_to_cart" value="add_to_cart_`$obj_id`"}

{if $capture_buttons}{/capture}{/if}


This is the code on the product_features-artist.tpl page - which works just fine on the product details page.


{foreach from=$product_features item=“feature”}

{if $feature.feature_type != “G”}


{if $feature.feature_type == “S” || $feature.feature_type == “E”}


{foreach from=$feature.variants item="var"}
{if $var.selected}{$var.variant}{/if}


What do I need to change to display this information on the grid list page?

Thanks in advance for anyone's help!

did you ever find out? I am currently trying to do this and can't find a comprehensive answer on the forum. All people say is “click the show in catalog” & “set show_features=true” but I have done both, and still not able to retrieve the variables from the list grid?