Product Exported Csv Files Are Empty (0 Bytes)!


I'using cs-cart 4.6.1. My site is multilingual. (English and Persian). The default language is Persian. The problem is when I want to export products, csv file is created but it is empty. Even for exporting ONLY ONE product! Export of Another data such as Users or Orders are OK, but the issue occurs in exporting product data.

As the first reason, I thought maybe the problem is with Character's Unicode. Because there is no problem in exporting products with ONLY English characters in their names. But about products with both English and Non-English characters in theirs names, the exported csv file is empty.

The above reason failed because I found some products (with both English and Non-English characters in theirs names) that can be exported properly! In addition, I have non-English characters in Suppliers name and Order information that I can export them easily without any problem too!

As an another attempt, I installed a fresh cs-cart on local using xampp and set the Persian language and created some non-English products, I can export them correctly!

Another thing I'm considering is the exported csv files for suppliers and orders data are not empty because they don't have LANGUAGE BAR SELECTION on top of their sections!

But when I go to product management section, there is a LANGUAGE BAR that I can choose my default language, so in product export page I have 'select language' in Export OPTIONS sections.

I'm stuck with this issue and really can't get my head around this! Please help me if there is a solution. Is this problem related to server configuration too?!


I've found the solution. My mistake! Language code values in cscart_product_descriptions table are 'FA' and 'EN'. They should be 'fa' and 'en'. My cs-cart database is imported from old version to new one.That's why such an issue happened. After changing lang_code values to correct ones, exported files are not empty anymore :)

thanks for info

thanks for info

You're welcome!