Product Export Mesh!

Help !!!!!!!

I need your help as I am new is CScart.I am trying to export the products so I can fix a clone store up in prestashop, actualy I want to export the products from CScart to prestashop.
define('CSCART_VERSION', '1.3.5-SP4');

When I try to export the, all together ,I had a mesh csv with a lot of html code most for the product feature like this

after I read that maybe is because I try to export a lot of product number something happen with my host provider,so I try to export only one category. Csv is better but still a mesh about description have html i can go on with that ,but the most important is that all the feature are in one big cell with ; to separate each feature
so I try to make convert text to columns and I get this many columns with mix different feature
I suppose that happens, because when we create feature for each product we don’t keep the same line so the feature column look like this same time have the screen revolution feature first some other was the processor and it goes like that.
What do you suggest me to do?
Can I fix the line to feature in CScart?

Is there a better way to export the product which I am going to import them in prestashop?
Is there any way so I can handle better this csv file to excel?

thanx in advance!