Product Export Is All Messed Up

Hey everyone,

I just want a data export of my client's products.

I have the data feed add on installed called "Google Base" I then navigate to this page and find the "download" button. The outputted file has this in cell A1

			id price title link description condition availability image_link gtin brand mpn google_product_category product_type

This is fine, it looks like a tab delimited version - so in excel I can text to columns and split this fine.

However for majority of the fields the description is being split randomly across multiple columns


This causes errors when I try to split by the tab delimiter


There's obviously some weird characters in my client's product description that is causing the description to break in the export.

I have narrowed this down to be a range of characters like fullstops, commas and some other things



1) Change the export code not to break at these characters? I have no idea how to do this, I am not a developer.

2) Write new descriptions in another without any punctuation and assign this to the export.

Any other ideas?




I would recommend you to export with Tabs and save the file as .txt file. When you open it in Excel, choose "Tab separated". It should fix the problem.

when i am trying to export more products.. suppose 100.. after every thirty products it shows two produs data in a single line..

what can be the wrong?? how to solve this..

please help me i need to export near about 5000 products..

Thanks in advance!