Product does not appear in backoffice

We have one product in our database that I cannot display in the backoffice.

This product has been duplicated from another one.
When I search the ID of this product, it returns no results. When I search the reference of this product, it returns only the original product that was duplicated.
When I try to input the ID directly in the web adress, it returns a 404 page.

But the product can be seen in the database in the cscart_products table.

Any idea what can cause this ?

I think, the issue is in another tables. E.g. there are no records in the tables related with categories, prices or descriptions. It can cause such issues

Thank you Ecom for your tips :
Yes, you’re right, this ID is not in cscart_products_categories

Do you think I can create a line in this table with the ID to create a category that should correct this ?

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Yes, doing this will help in fixing this issue. In the category_id column you need to enter the ID of an existing category in your store.

Try it. If it does not help, check additional tables