Product Dimension/shipping Questions

Okay, I am totally lost as to how to set up shipping dimensions in a way that makes sense in 4.0.x.

Suppose I have two items that are 8x10x0.2. If I go in to Shipping Properties on each item I can set a maximum number of items that can go into a box. If I create a common box size that would allow up to 10 items for the first two and someone ordered 4 of one and 3 of the other wouldn't it put them as two separate boxes, even though you could actually put all 7 in a single box?

And how complicated would it be if there was a third product that was 10x12x0.7. What if that item could still fit into the original box? Wouldn't that make it 3 boxes when only one is needed?

I've tried saying forget multiple items in one box and tried setting the Shipping Properties to 1 item in a box and using those dimensions, but CS cart truncated the smaller dimension for the first two items down to 0. That obviously will cause an issue.

My understanding is that this part of cs-cart simply doesn't work.