Product details tabs stopped working with 2.0.9

Since the upgrade to 2.0.9 my product details page is showing all tabs and related content on the same page. So for example you get ‘Product description’ and ‘Send to a friend’ both displaying at the same time.

Here’s an example page…


I’d be very grateful if someone could help me to fix this.


In Design->Appearance settings, uncheck “Display product tabs as a list”


Hi Bob, thanks for the suggestion. I’m afraid it didn’t work though. When I found the setting it was already unchecked. I tried checking it, saving then unchecking and saving again - it doesn’t seem to change anything at all unfortunately. :frowning:

Any other thoughts?


When I check “Display product tabs as a list”, I have no tabs at all - everything appears as a list (including attachments) and when unchecked everything is displayed in tabs.

It probably has to do with changes you have made to create your skin not aligning with the new feature. What skin did you base this on? Did you make your changes in the directly in the TPLs or did you use hooks?

You could test by switching to the Basic skin to see how things appear there. If it works in the Basic skin, then we know that the issue is with your skin.