Product detailed page layout

How do I change the layout of the Product detailed page layout. I want to have my Price displayed with Quantity and "Add to CArt all on the same line.

Default Template is here:


I hope that helps,


Hi Valaetin,

Thanks for this. I know the template file to change , but I dont see how to actually styl eth egenerated ou[put The price gets displayed using {$smarty.capture.$price} but when i look at renedred HTML it shows:



Where do I chnage this coding (not the css) that generates this HTML?

If you want to change the style of the text, why not change the CSS classes for 'price' and 'price-num' using the my_addons addon so your changes are not lost on upgrade?

Amending the classes just changes the syling for price, there is no way I can figure out to get the following on one line:

“Price” “QTY” “Add to Cart”

{$smarty.capture.$price} always get stuck on its own line such as:


“QTY” “Add to Cart”

You need to be looking at skins/basic/customer/common_templates/product_data.tpl to change the

and tags to incorporate Price, Qty and Add to Cart all onto one line.