Product detail image upscaling disproportionately when one dimension is smaller ...

In the store I’m currently developing, I have my Product details page thumbnail width and height set to 300 and it works for the most part. However, when an original (detailed) image is less than 300 in one dimension, but larger in the other dimension, the resulting thumbnail is disproportionate.

For example, if I have an image, say 500x285, then the resulting thumbnail has it’s height upscaled so that its dimensions are 300x300, instead of like 300x171. Any idea where I can stop it from upscaling the one side? Images that are larger than 300 in both dimensions scale down proportionately and images that are smaller than 300 in both dimensions are left untouched.

Do I have a setting set wrong?

Thanks for any guidance

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Not sure with the 2.1.x imaging, but can’t you just define a width and let it scale the height proportionately?

Unfortunately, there are some product images that are very tall and narrow and some that are short and wide, so I need to constrain by 300 both on height and width. Normally, it scales proportionately if the original image is really large - it’s just the outliers that have one side under 300 and one side over 300 where I get this bad behavior.