Product Designer Or Build-A-Bmw... Type Of Site "needhelp"

lets say i have a site that is “build-an-mp3player”,

i have mp3 players and headphones and carrying cases.

customers first pick an mp3 player

2nd then they pick headphones(not all are compatible with all mp3 players)

3rd they pick carry case (some carry cases only fit some mp3 players/headphones)

almost like a “build a bear” site.


the way “build a bear” does it is first you pick a bear and put in cart

then you pick outfit and put in cart and then you pick accessories and put in cart.

but it does not indicate which outfits fit for which bears.

its not very appealing or fun customer experience to be honest.

PLEASE HELP. thank you in advance.

perhaps the product configurator

CS-Cart Product Configurator Add-on

Dear John,

Thank you for posting the link to our website.

This Product Configurator was a standard add-on in CS-Cart v.2

If you want we could upgrade it.

Also we have a modification Product Packages that is quite similar to the Product Configurator.

If you have any questions, please, contact us.

Best regards, Alt-team.

Hi Jimmystunts,

have already updated Product Configurator for v424 if this is your version

See it here Product Configurator for CS-Cart 4.x - CS-Cart Addons/Πρόσθετα at Cscart.Biz | CS-Cart Market by